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Seller Guidelines for Allncart: Your Path to E-commerce Success

Welcome to Allncart, the thriving e-commerce platform designed to connect sellers with millions of customers worldwide. As a seller on Allncart, you have the opportunity to reach a vast audience and grow your business. To ensure a seamless and mutually beneficial experience for both sellers and customers, we have established these comprehensive seller guidelines. By following these guidelines, you can maximize your success on our platform and build a strong, reputable brand.

Table of Contents:

1.            Introduction

2.            Getting Started

3.            Product Listings 

4.            Pricing and Discounts

5.            Inventory Management

6.            Order Fulfillment

7.            Customer Service

8.            Returns and Refunds

9.            Advertising and Promotion

10.         Performance Metrics

11.         Legal and Ethical Considerations

12.         Conclusion

13.         Introduction


1. Introduction

Allncart is committed to providing a trustworthy and user-friendly e-commerce experience. As a seller, it's crucial to understand and adhere to our guidelines to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and foster a positive reputation on our platform.

2. Getting Started

a. Registration: To become a seller on Allncart, you must register and provide accurate information about your business. Completing the registration process ensures that you receive payments and allows us to verify your identity. Follow our account verification steps promptly.

b. Account Security: Protect your Allncart account and sensitive information. Use strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and regularly update your account details.

c. Account Suspension: Violation of our guidelines may lead to temporary or permanent suspension of your account. Always follow our policies to avoid this consequence.

d. Business Information: Maintain accurate business details, including address, contact information, and tax identification numbers. Keep your business information updated in case of any changes.

3. Product Listings

a. Accurate Descriptions: Provide detailed, accurate, and honest product descriptions, including specifications, dimensions, and usage instructions.

b. High-Quality Images: Upload high-resolution images that showcase your products effectively. Ensure that images accurately represent the product's appearance. We only allow images in webp format and in square format (1:1).

c. Product Categorization: Place your products in the appropriate categories to make it easier for customers to find them.

d. Keywords and SEO: Use relevant keywords in your product listings to improve visibility in search results.

e. Prohibited Items: Do not list prohibited items, including counterfeit goods, hazardous materials, or products infringing on intellectual property rights.

4. Pricing and Discounts

a. Competitive Pricing: Price your products competitively to attract customers. Regularly review and adjust your prices as market conditions change.

b. Discount Strategies: Offer discounts, promotions, and bundles to entice customers and boost sales.

c. Transparency: Clearly communicate any additional fees, such as shipping or taxes, to customers during the checkout process. Your listed price must be inclusive of all your taxes and shipping.

5. Inventory Management

a. Stock Levels: Maintain adequate stock levels to fulfil orders promptly. Monitor your inventory and update listings when products are out of stock. We will penalise you by 10% of your product cost in case customer orders on your out-of-stock product.

b. Accurate Availability: Ensure that product availability is accurately reflected on Allncart. Avoid overselling or listing products that you cannot fulfil.

c. Backorders: If you offer backorders, clearly communicate expected delivery times to customers.

6. Order Fulfillment

a. Prompt Shipping: Ship orders promptly to meet customers' expectations. Provide tracking information and notify customers of any delays.

b. Packaging: Package products securely to prevent damage during transit. Use environmentally friendly packaging whenever possible.

c. Shipping Options: Offer various shipping options to accommodate customer preferences. Clearly state shipping times and costs.

7. Customer Service

a. Responsiveness: Respond to customer inquiries and concerns promptly and professionally. Maintain a high level of communication throughout the transaction.

b. Communication: Keep customers informed about order status, shipping updates, and any issues that may arise.

c. Resolution: Resolve customer complaints and issues to their satisfaction. Allncart's A-to-Z Guarantee protects customers, so ensure you provide excellent service.

8. Advertising and Promotion

a. Sponsored Products: Utilize Allncart's advertising tools to promote your products effectively.

b. Content Guidelines: Adhere to Allncart's content guidelines when creating promotional materials or sponsored listings.

c. Customer Reviews: Encourage customers to leave reviews, but never manipulate or incentivize them to leave positive reviews.

9. Performance Metrics

a. Account Health: Monitor your seller dashboard for performance metrics and take corrective actions to maintain a healthy account.

b. Order Defect Rate: Minimize order defects, including late shipments, cancellations, and negative feedback.

c. Customer Feedback: Actively address and resolve customer feedback to maintain a positive reputation.

10. Legal and Ethical Considerations

a. Compliance: Comply with all local, national, and international laws and regulations, including tax and customs obligations.

b. Intellectual Property: Respect intellectual property rights. Do not list counterfeit or infringing products.

c. Privacy: Safeguard customer data and comply with privacy laws when collecting and using customer information.

11.Handling Returns and Refunds:

a. Follow our return and refund policies.

b. Process returns and refunds promptly and fairly.

12. Payment and Financials

 Payment Methods:

a. Choose your preferred payment methods for receiving earnings.

b. Ensure your payment information is accurate.

Transaction Fees:

a. Be aware of AllnCart's transaction fees and payment processing fees.

b. Plan your pricing accordingly.

Payments and Disbursements:

a. Monitor your earnings and payment disbursements.

b. Contact our support team for any payment-related issues.

c. We will pay you on 15th and 30th of every month.

13. Dispute Resolution

Resolving Disputes with Customers:

a. Work with customers to resolve disputes amicably.

b. Use AllnCart's dispute resolution tools when necessary.

Dispute Resolution with AllnCart:

a. Cooperate with AllnCart in resolving disputes or policy violations.

b. Provide requested information promptly.

 How to register on our website?

Step 1: Click here to begin registration. If you have a customer account on allncart, use different email & password to Sign In.

Step 2: Enter your name, email address and set a strong password.

Step 3: Enter your company name which is registered by you and does not violate any other company IPR rights.

Step4: After this, you need to verify your emails address using the link sent to your email address. Now you can login to your seller account using the credential you set durin the 2nd step.

Step 5: Now you need to verify your profile from the link provided in your dashboard.

Step 6: Upload Your GST certificate, Pan details of the firm and enter your brand name.

After reviewing your details, we will approve you as a seller on allncart.

Step 7: Go to payment setting and configure your payment gateway with us.


How much does it cost to sell on Allncart?

There are different types of fees associated with selling on

 Selling On Allncart Fee = (Referral Fee + platform fee + transaction handling fee) + 18% GST

Platform fee

The fixed fee, also known as the closing fee, is implemented on the Allncart platform to enhance the overall experience for both customers and sellers. This fee is utilised to drive product innovations, improve the Allncart platform, and create additional growth opportunities for sellers. By implementing the fixed fee, Allncart aims to continuously enhance its services and provide a better ecosystem for sellers to thrive and expand their businesses.

It is a fixed fee which is 4% of the listed price of the product.

Reference Fee (Category)

Reference Fee is a percentage-based fee that varies depending on the category under which your product is sold online on Allncart. Each category has a specific range of reference Fee applied to the final selling price of the product. It's important to note that the reference fee is subject to change based on market conditions, the seller ecosystem, demand, and other factors.

Transaction handling fee

The Collection fee is determined based on the type of payment chosen by the customer, whether it's prepaid (e.g., UPI, Netbanking) or Cash on Delivery (COD).

It is fixed fee of 2.5% of the order amount for all the payment methods chosen by customer.

Note: All COD orders are managed by Allncart himself.


Shipping Fee (Weight and Location)

All the prepaid orders are shipped by seller himself and seller need to provide us and customer with all the tracking details. Seller need to manage all their courier charges himself.

All the cash on delivery (COD) orders are controlled by Allncart. In this case, we will deduct money based on the courier location and weight from seller earning.

Note: Seller need to put all their costs like courier charges, GST charges in the final product cost.


Seller Earning: Listed price - Allncart charges - courier charges (In case of COD orders)


Reference fee for different categories


Reference fee (in %)

Women Clothing and fashion


Men Clothing and fashion


Skin care


Books and media


Bath care and fragnance


Household supplies


Face body cosmetics


Camera and accessories


Kitchen Tools


Home décor


Health Beauty devices


Luggage and Travel


Mobile Phone Tablets




food and nutrition


Musical instruments


Home improvement tools




Eyewear and accessories


Pet supplies


Wallet Cards


Precious Jewellery


Home furnishing


Watches, clocks and accessories


Sports and Fitness


Water purifier




Wearable Gadgets


Artificial Jewellery


Footwear and accessories



These prices may change from time-to-time basis. You need to continuously watch this page to see latest updates in reference fee and other fees.

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